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Network Solutions

We provide network solutions services which includes replying to client queries,
troubleshooting, on boarding process assiatance & resolving technical problems.
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Server configuration
We are providing server configuration and management. Which providing database as a repository for its data. It contains numerous servers.
Network Configuration
We incorporate device configuration referred to specific hardware and software details in terms of attached device capacity and capability.
Cloud Computing
Free yourself from servers by moving to the Cloud. We make it so easy to deploy and manage in a cloud
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Improve and Innovate with the Network Trends

We’ll help you create plans to secure your network, address security compliance requirements, keep your business up and running, and recover quickly if there’s a disaster or breach. 

Have a secure network that your company needs, and we’ll deliver it quickly and effectively by providing round-the-clock support to keep your company operating. The placement process is started with a project planning phase by our team of network deployment and support services. It involves estimating the project’s scope and network traffic. The following step is scheduling, during which we develop a thorough strategy procedure with a step-by-step schedule for your deployment. The next step is procurement where we evaluate assets to support your corporate objectives. By scheduling virtual machines, our network engineers can make optimum use of the available assets.
Following the determination of your network’s size and the selection of optimal hardware, we now work to install or remove the equipment. Our collaboration with Cisco enables us to guarantee the installation of the appropriate routers, switches, and other essential network hardware. In this step, we assess software installation and assess the network’s dependence on software. Plus as a Microsoft Partner, we make sure the proper software is installed to make using your network easier. The following step involves testing the network, during which our staff evaluates the performance to see if there are any future problems. User acceptability testing is the last step to make sure the network performs as expected for users and operates without crashing.
The professionals at BRAINBOX TECHNOLOGIES have extensive knowledge of networking techniques that make it simple to troubleshoot, detect, and diagnose network problems for maximum security.
To assist your business to grow, BrainBox Technologies has a team of qualified project and implementation network managers who are always outfitted with the newest tools and technology. Our network deployment services include project management, technical deployment and support, as well as turnkey network design, construction, and transfer duties.
We carefully consider corporate objectives when planning and designing networks. We can assist you with managing phone systems, internet access, local and remote servers, desktop users, mobile devices, printers, and anything else across one crucial business connection.
  • Deployment
  • With our staff dedicated to making the best decisions at every step of the way, we guarantee flawless distribution.
  • Testing Methodology
  • We guarantee to execute tried-and-true connectivity testing by maintaining engineered network testing procedures.
  • Security
  • BrainBox Technologies focuses on privacy to guarantee the safety of your network setup.
  • Upgradation and Migration
  • We offer prompt relocation as part of our deployment services for different networks, ensuring no slightest disruption.
  • Network Expansion
  • We continue to be at your disposal even after the installation to support the flexibility of your network.
  • Remote Support
  • Receive unmatched network help from professionals in the field.
    Efficient Deployment. All-Round Support

    We have a group of network administrators who maintain a positive approach to guaranteeing network security. Firstly we assess the network’s functionality across multiple connections, devices, applications, and traffic. The following step comprises organized networking monitoring, which is done in phases based on the needs of different departments of the company. As the main priority for network surveillance, our team prioritizes searching for suspicious traffic. The subsequent stage of effective network mapping is where the inter-mapper functions as a vendor-neutral application to perform tests regularly. Following that, we take the action of keeping an eye on the bandwidth traffic on particular devices using reliable network security monitoring tools and keeping an eye on the traffic for other devices. Then, we use effective and streamlined monitoring techniques to extract real-time networking data and create new statistical data from the old. The following step is to make sure that network operations are optimized as intended during deployment. Then, our network security experts will make sure that security tools are installed at the proper endpoints. Our network monitoring team will get to work in the following stage and closely examine the infrastructure’s performance problems.

  • Real-Time Thread Monitoring
  • Offering you a group of qualified network experts that continuously monitor the threat.
  • Threat Intelligence and Detection
  • To identify the threat and eliminate it, we employ clever software and maintain constant monitoring.
  • Managed Compliance Reporting
  • The conformance study assists teams in working on legal matters that call for dealing with network concerns.
  •  Log Management
  • To maintain the security of the network and the tools throughout time, we maintain a comprehensive list of network violations.
  • Managed Archive
  • We make sure that the entire network is preserved to facilitate inspections.
  • Firewall and Log Monitoring
  • Our committed team makes sure that the firewall is promptly updated for the security of the network.
  •  Certified Security Analysts
  • You’ll always have access to trained network security specialists.


    You may trust that we will implement and perform network inspection expertly and give you a report to guide your decisions as Microsoft is with us.

    Businesses that Anticipate Extra-ordinary Influence

    We work with you to create an ethics charter and identify the topics while guaranteeing a minimum participation rate of 80%. By describing your network usage and selecting the extent of your requirement, the reporting will be done in an organized manner. The following stage entails telling your team to support the network goals you have shared with the organization. Then, after studying the network availability, our team presents the networking report with the essential precautions to be taken into account. The network analysts here will begin by concentrating on the fundamental goals of the business before delving deeply into the network analysis. Our team will sort your existing data by establishing the connection between your goals and the best way to get there. There, we assume that network traffic, total proxies, and bandwidth usage are all quantifiable. To better understand network use, the entire project team is consulted. Then, to assist you in allocating dedicated network infrastructure and prioritizing network bandwidth, we would consider the legal and ethical perspectives.

  • Network Health Dashboard
  • Through a customized dashboard made up of certain responsibilities and requirements, we provide a quick overview of the stability of your network.
  • Covergence
  • We evaluate to guarantee quick external adaptation and a smooth implementation procedure.
  • Network Compliance Reporting
  • Utilizing pre-written compliance reports to guarantee improved efficiency while lowering responsibilities.
  • Analysis and Implementation
  • Through the use of previous and contemporary network data, our network experts assist you in creating more accurate capacity plans and trend forecasts.
  • Network Traffic
  • Obtain a complete overview of your network activity and bandwidth usage.


    With a customized approach, we offer a one-stop network and enterprise consulting services that make it simple for you to fit your goals and objectives for effective results.

    Organizations that Prefer Succeeding

    The majority of organizations require network consulting services to build a network that is effective and supports their expansion. Modern businesses require up-to-date network consulting, and at BRAINBOX TECHNOLOGIES, our team of network specialists is prepared to follow a streamlined consulting procedure that leads to success. Understanding the demands of the company and its dependability on the network is the first step in our process. Once we have that, we start putting custom-defined network infrastructure into place and assisting companies with network architecture planning to their operational requirements. The competitive study then begins to help you position yourself better in the market and compete with your rivals using a pre-established network management strategy. Then, to achieve the best outcomes, we assist you in identifying the fundamental business requirements for the network and in positioning the appropriate tools. Additionally taking into account your long-term objectives, our professional network consultants help you organize the network activities by laying out a road map. To get the most out of our consultation, we later allow you to use our network deployment and analysis services. The final phase entails taking coordinated action across numerous departments to reduce network latency and guarantee that corporate operations run smoothly.

  • Experience 
  • Obtain the ideal advice and solutions from skilled and reliable network service providers.
  • Cost Efficient
  • To keep your network operating efficiently, we assist you in removing excessive expenses from its maintenance.
  • Network Support
  • Give your staff the additional assistance they need, including knowledge transfer and making important decisions.
  • Efficient Network Infrastructure
  • With the help of disciplinary measures offered by BrainBox Technologies, make sure your network infrastructure is operating productively.
  • Centralization
  • You will profit from remote work with our consultation
  • Network Optimization
  • Utilize our extensive network advising for optimum results
  • Troubleshooting
  • You can get help with your networking problems from our staff of network professionals.


    Outsource the routine network activities that are necessary for your network to function effectively and provide greater performance at a reduced cost.

    Network Solutions for Growing Corporations

    We think networking encompasses more than just bridges, switches, and routers. For this, BRAINBOX TECHNOLOGIES has a specific managed network service method in place that enables you to begin the initial consulting session. In this step, we talk about your objectives, comprehend your company’s requirements, and assess the funding issues on the feasible output. After that, our networking specialists will evaluate the present business climate and determine the extent of the company’s requirements. The recommendations will be laid out, the services’ scope will be determined, and the network prototype and designing will all come next. Furthermore, we create a network-based ongoing product life-cycle management system to assess performance. After that, our team will assist you with network managed services and present both in-site and off-site choices. Based on it, we move on to find the optimum software and applications necessary for network operation. Our efficient network method assists in identifying the software and applications that need immediate network connectivity as well as the ones that are having latency and slow-down issues.

  • Network Convergence and Performance
  • We provide people worldwide with a completely functional fixed mobile IP platform.
  • Technology Capability Working with tremendous networking juggernauts like Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, and Microsoft for more than ten years while serving more than two thousand five hundred enterprises worldwide.
  • Technology Diversity
  • We provide you with a selection of Cisco-aided devices to make sure that communication is flowing smoothly.
  • Efficient Network Infrastructure
  • With the help of disciplinary measures offered by BrainBox Technologies, make sure your network infrastructure is operating productively.
  • Centralization
  • You will profit from remote work with our consultation
  • Network Optimization
  • Utilize our extensive network advising for optimum results
  • Troubleshooting
  • You can get help with your networking problems from our staff of network professionals.